Live at the Toogenblik Folk Club in Brussels.

Recorded by Daithi Rua.

Mixed and Mastered by Dag Henning Kalvøy.



‘My music was introduced to Robert and Erna Coucke from Belgium through a mutual friend John Orsulik. They had met at a folk festival in the Czech Republic and stayed in touch through a shared interest in all things folk and acoustic. Robert invited me to his own Folk gathering ‘Songs voor ‘t gemoed’ near Ghent in June 2016. It was a wonderful few days and I am grateful to Robert and Erna for their generosity and hospitality. Robert loaned me a beautiful Benito acoustic guitar to use while I was in Belgium and it was this guitar that carried me through the remainder of the tour.’

JEoin played the Toogenblik Folk Club in Brussels on Friday 10th June 2016.

Track Listing for ‘Toogenblik’

01 Sean One Shoe     06 If Time Is The River

02 Whispers Apart    07 Acrobat

03 Sky Anvils              08 Bermondsey Spring

04 Claws                      09 I’m No Angel

05 Waves

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