Olly here from Natural5Four Records.

My regular walking companion, J Eoin, was meant to play a series of solo concerts at the Dubliner Folk Pub in Oslo during July. Well, that didn’t happen as the virus of 2020 has changed all our plans. And everybody else’s too it seems 🙁 Anyway, I had an idea for a special promotion we could do for all our friends in Oslo and Norway.

First, the science bit, as told to me by J Eoin on one of our recent walks…

Independent artists have been badly affected by this pandemic with tours and session work cancelled for the foreseeable future. Online streaming rates for music are pretty abysmal, though that’s not actually the word he used! My poor doggy ears!! Song and album downloads pay a better rate to the artist and can really make a difference at this time. Fair enough I said…

So I thought about it afterwards and came up with this idea all on my own. So proud! 🙂

Anyone who buys a download of the new live album ‘Toogenblik – J Eoin In Concert’ online will be able to request a couple of songs from a special J Eoin Set List and this can also include a personal message for themselves or a friend which will be read out by J Eoin himself! We will record this at Natural5Four Records here in Limerick and send it attached to your email as an MP3 audio file. You can click on the link below to see the set list to make your choices. Isn’t technology great?!

J Eoin Dubliner Set List 2020 – July Edit

‘Toogenblik – J Eoin In Concert’ is available for download on most streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. Here’s some links…


Once you have bought the album as a download send me an email using the contact form here on the website (subject header – Dubliner Oslo July Promotion) and I’ll put you in touch with J Eoin so you can chat and pick the songs you want and the message you would like him to record for you. He may even do suggestions that are not on the list if I ask him nicely on one of our walks. 🙂 It would be a lovely way to say hello as well!

What do ye think? Comments welcome!

These are strange times all round so I do hope all this finds ye well. A little goes a long way when the world gets turned on it’s side. It’s more important now more than ever that we reach out and keep in touch in whatever ways we can. Keep safe, look after yourselves and each other. Be kind.

Thank you!

Olly x