‘Exiles’ was recorded at The Cowshed Studio, London in 2001.

Executive producer Peter Kenny wrote in the liner notes for ‘Exiles’ at the time…

“Sometimes you walk off a dark and dreary street into a warm bar and something changes.

It happened the first time I saw JEoin playing. From the opening bars of ‘Mother Tongue’ to the magic of ‘The Deluge’ I was immediately transfixed. I knew straight away that I must have a copy of this music. On learning that none of these songs had been released my first thought was that I had to do something to ensure that this music was available to a wider audience. Here it is. This collection captures some of the magic of JEoin. I am glad that I have been able to play my part in bringing one of the finest singer/songwriters and guitarists I’ve heard to you.”

Track Listing for ‘Exiles’

01 Mother Tongue    07 I’m No Angel

02 The Deluge            08 Captain Black

03 Drunken Jesus      09 I Could Believe

04 Exiles                       10 Somebody Cares

05 Sean One Shoe      11 Claws

06 Rictus                       12 Heaven She Said

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