‘Sunshowers’ was recorded at The Rua Room, Ghent, in 2017.



From the Natural5Four press release September 2018…


‘Sunshowers’ features six new songs recorded in the Rua Room, Ghent, Belgium during June 2017 and engineered by Daithi Rua. The brief was to deliver stripped back versions of the songs as they would be done in a live concert setting using just acoustic guitar and voice. The finished songs were mixed and mastered by Dag Henning Kalvøy in Oslo.


A bonus track, ‘The Colour Of Light’ which was recorded live at a concert in Toogenblik, Brussels in July 2016, was included as the final song on the album.

Track Listing for ‘Sunshowers’

01 If Time Is The River    05 Corners In The Rain

02 Tower Of Ivory            06 Untitled War Song

03 Sunshowers                 07 The Colour Of Light (Live)

04 Beir Mí Ó (Traditional)

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