‘Leyden’ is a collection of songs recorded by JEoin in the 1990’s for independent record labels Runaway Music and 21st Century Acoustic.


This retrospective is a digital only format from Natural5Four Records.

Released May 2022 exclusively through BandCamp.


‘Leyden’ on BandCamp


The title ‘Leyden’ refers to Leyden Mansions which was a short life housing project run by ICH in North London during the early 1990’s.


Leyden’ Album Liner Notes



Track Listing for ‘Leyden’

01 Sean One Shoe          07 Claws

02 Hungry Hill                 08 Rictus

03 I’m No Angel              09 Mother Tongue

04 Life Story                    10 Slow China

05 Amanda Barefoot    11 Eve Of Solution

06 Heaven She Said       12 Call Me Down

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