‘Acrobat’ was recorded at Primary Music, London in 2011.


The studio session was engineered and produced by Gerry Diver.

Natural5Four Records partnered with Crescent Moon Records to release ‘Acrobat’ in 2013.

Rob Malcolm of Crescent Moon Records noted at the time…


‘JEoin’s second studio album ‘Acrobat’ reveals the very real nature of a Celtic soul transiting through the wider world while keeping one eye and a firm hand on the ever changing reality of life in the Big City.
In this case…London’.


Track Listing for ‘Acrobat’

01 Gravel Walks           07 Sky Anvils

02 Hungry Hill              08 Bermondsey Spring

03 Shadowman            09 Songs From The Green Wood

04 Acrobat                    10 Legion Leaf

05 Rock-a-bye Anne    11 Whispers Apart

06 Waves                        12 The Green Umbrella Tree

Click on the ‘Acrobat’ album cover for the song lyric sheet…